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The John Maxwell Method

Applied Leadership Lessons, Principles and Practices Based On The Work Of
John C. Maxwell, The Worlds Foremost Leadership Expert

For nearly 50 years, John C. Maxwell has studied and applied leadership principles as a leader, mentor, coach, business owner, counsellor and friend. John not only talks the talk, he walks the walk. His practical leadership experience and advice is called upon by dignitaries in every level of influence – from the military to educational institutions to executive offices to presidential cabinets all over the world.

KiYK has John Maxwell trained and certified members to lead you through The Maxwell Method – John’s leadership experience and philosophies as applied to:

• Leadership, Personal, and Professional Development
• Speaking and Communicating
• Coaching

These are the skills that can help a good leader become a great leader. Whether you want to grow personally and professionally, to improve your speaking, coaching, or to connect with other like-minded leaders, you have come to the right place.



Investing in the growth of your business, the strength of your team or your own personal development is the K.E.Y to long-term success. The Maxwell Method of Speaking, Coaching, Selling, and Leadership is a set of professional skills training’s that include workshops, seminars, K.E.Ynote presentations and weekly courses for managers, entrepreneurs, executives and individuals who want to advance their career.

Using John Maxwell’s proven professional growth and development systems, we can help you: Improve your professional skills so you can reach your career goals; lead a successful business that generates the income you desire; become a better speaker who communicates with confidence; experience the reward of coaching others to success; and more.

Ready to grow? Choose from the following services and programs to get started.

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